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VSOW is an association with the overall goal to foster socio-ecological change processes. In 2017/2018, we were focusing on two fields of action: Forests and Research & Media. 2019 will see advocacy work added to that, VSOW will be advocating for the shaping and implementation of policies of international financial institutions for the protection of the environment and the communities that depend on them.

Our purposes are among others:

  • The promotion of sustainable forest programs in the context of climate change, through the restoration and protection of forest ecosystems.

  • Building and strengthening international collaborations and networks in research & media with grassroots stakeholders in the field of socio-ecological transformations with a special focus on civil-society networks.

  • Fostering education and training especially in the field of forest conservation and restoration by public communication and constructive work for socio-ecological change and man-nature relationship.

  • Inspire and implement sustainable arts projects hand-in-hand with our forest projects.

  • Advocacy for shaping and implementing policies of international financial institutions for the protection of the environment and the communities that depend on them.

Our approach is piloting and amplifying projects from local to global and we aim to build solid networks between communities, individuals and professionals. 


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VSOW consists of a team of young professionals, environmental enthusiasts, eco-activists and artists. We have broad professional backgrounds and working experiences with various international organizations. Our team has roots in media, investigative research, journalism, academia and sustainability education. We have seen local and global layers of environmental, social and economic injustice and worked on understanding and communicating these interconnections. We are personally affected by optimistic alternatives, and share the drive to actively shape socio-ecological transformations and positive messages.





forests - Bugker Wald

In June 2017 we held our first volunteer based activity in our forest in Bugk, outside Berlin. A fence was build with a group of Volunteers to protect an area of the forest, that we want to restore as a nature near mixed forest. The section of the forest has been used as part of a commercial mono-culture tree plantation in the past. 

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forests - Werder Wald

In April 2017 we received a donation of fruit and other trees. A member of the Association turned out to have an old fruit tree plantation outside of Berlin. We decided to turn it in to an agroforestry project and gave the donated trees a new home. 


Education - Natural Regeneration

In March 2018 we organized a one-week environmental education activity with a biology class of the Andreas-Gymnasium in Berlin. On the agenda: the ecological context of natural regeneration as a principle of forest development and appropriate measures to support it. Students learned the theory and worked hands-on. Thus, a series of boxes for jays and perches for birds of prey have been created for the forest area in Bugk that we manage. Now, the offspring of young oak trees on the former monoculture of pines can grow up protected against predators, such as deer and mice.


Education - pachacútec project

"Munay Suyu", part of the Pachakútec project in Ecuador, is being organized by the Inca priest Naupamy Pumy together with his family and friends. They have created three places where ancient Inca traditions are taught, people in nature find a personal balance and gain a better understanding of nature. The basis of teaching is the respect and coexistence with nature in all its forms.

Each of the three project locations is located on the former Inca Foothills and adjoins national park areas: the Munay Suyu Costa on the Pacific coast, near Canoa, the Munay Suyu Andes, in the Andes near the city of Cuenca, and the Munay Suyu Amazonia, in the tropical Rain forest near the village Tena.

We have been working on the vision of the Munay Suyu since the spring of 2018. There is much to do in the "School for ancient wisdom". Since the project sites have not been maintained for many years, many invasive plant species have spread that are not part of the native ecosystem. In order to be able to regenerate the native vegetation and to be able to realize the planned use, the necessary conditions must first be created in the centers.

The site is criss-crossed by a network of paths and entries to the individual acreages and infrastructures. Existing routes must be maintained and, if necessary, further supplemented. The invasive plant species are mechanically removed and targeted native species are planted.

In his teaching, Naupamy Pumy is also concerned with the return to a more natural diet - from what the land gives humans in harmony with nature. Our partners plan land for sustainable agricultural land use and carry out the necessary earthworks, e.g. Soil profile analyzes, straightening or terrace construction.



Ausstellung Donnerstag, 10. Mai 2018 – Montag, 21. Mai 2018 in 


Gold ohne Glanz? | Multimediale Ausstellung und Vortrag - Exhibition and lecture

Eine Reise zu konventionellen Goldschürfern und Fairtrade Kooperativen in Afrika!

Ausgerüstet lediglich mit einer kleinen Kopflampe, genau wie die Kumpel in Ostafrika, begeben sich die Besucher der multimedialen Ausstellung  in die nachgebauten Minenschächte in einer uns zur Verfügung stehenden Kartoffelscheune auf dem Hof Klein Witzeetze 6. Die Hofgemeinschaft beteiligt sich zum dritten Mal an der Kulturellen Landpartien, dem größten, selbstorganisierten Kulturfestival Norddeutschlands. Rund 50 Höfe öffnen zwischen Himmelfahrt und Pfingsten ihre Tore, der Hof kw6 mit einem beeindruckendem politischem Programm (http://kw6.info/).


Im Oktober 2017 bereist der Hamburger Goldschmied Jan Spille (www.janspille.de) gemeinsam mit den freien Filmemacher*innen Jonathan Happ und Katja Becker von ujuzi.media (www.ujuzi.media) Kenia und Uganda. Auf diese Reise wollen wir die Besucher*innen der Ausstellung für einen kurzen Augenblick mitnehmen, die in Kooperation mit dem Verein für sozial-ökologischen Wandel e.V. (https://www.vsow.eu/) entstehen durfte.

Ausstellung: 10.-21.05.2018

Vortrag: 11. Mai um 18:30 Uhr

Veranstaltungsort: Hofgemeinschaft Klein Witzeetze, Klein Witzeetze Nr. 6, 29482 Küsten

Veranstalter*in: kw6 | Hofgemeinschaft Klein Witzeetze | Klein Witzeetze Nr. 6 | 29482 Küsten | info@kw6.info

Website: http://kw6.info/2018/04/03/gold-ohne-glanz/